July 18, 2007


A la carte, originally uploaded by Dr Tao.

PHOTO: Taken December, 2005, Herzliya-Pituah, Israel! This day had taken place just unique and beautiful "five-o"clock" - a presentation of my
gourmet book "Gastronomy of Pleasure"! Yes, with VIP-persons, with journalists etc... And - with...

And with degustation of the food, cooked according recipes from my own book! So... What can I say... Hooray!

All delicaces on this photo prepared according recipes from
my gourmet-book "Cooking book for
Rublevo wives. Gastrononmy of
pleasure"/ Татьяна Юркова. "Гастрономия кайфа. Поваренная книга для рублевских жен"M., 2005. ISBN 5-7905-3935-1 That"s - 12 different
unique, interesting, unusual or historical dishes!

On every plate You can see special cards, where mentioned - the name of the recipe, the chapter from my book and-
the number of the page!


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